How COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of road haulage

How COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of road haulage - John K Philips
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How COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of road haulage

The limited lives we led due to the COVID-19 pandemic is something that we likely don’t want to think about too often! The pub with friends, a visit to the park and even a trip to the shops (unless essential) were off-limits. But one sector that had to continue as normal was the road haulage industry. After all, how will all of our supplies reach the shelves if there is no one to deliver them?

During the pandemic, everyone who worked in the road transport industry – from the coordinators and management to the drivers themselves – emphasised their status as key workers. In this blog, we’re here to provide these workers with the recognition they deserve and share exactly how they kept the world running in such a challenging time for us all.

Delivering essential supplies

Most importantly, the pandemic brought to the surface just how much we need road haulage for our basic supplies. In order to keep businesses afloat and people alive, more stress than ever was placed on the sector to deliver (quite literally!) to those in need.

Whether you required some materials for your home improvement project, some essential food supplies, or some PPE to wear when you’re out shopping for those very same supplies, road haulage workers have been the people to call. As part of our pallet delivery service at John K Philips, we have been tasked with delivering the essentials to supermarkets up and down the country so they can continue to provide them to the masses.

It’s fair to say that, without haulage, many more people might not have been able to access the vital products they need to survive.

Keeping us connected

Not only were road haulage drivers responsible for delivering the goods we needed during a difficult time, but for many, they were often the only form of physical conversation. We all know that the pandemic for many was a time where loneliness set in and that inability to connect with others was a large burden. However, as drivers and essential workers were still on the road, they were able to provide those conversations that may have been exactly what a lonely person needed during this spell.

Despite the uncertainty, every John K. Philips driver and worker has performed admirably throughout the pandemic, with a smile on their faces and a positive attitude – making the best of a bad situation.

Whether in our bonded warehouse while following strict COVID-19 protocols or on pick up or drop off, our team are committed to providing a successful service at all times.

Utilising smart technology

Worldwide, the reliance on technology has been growing exponentially. Arguably, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this growth, as it was safer to use technology and avoid close proximity between humans. The haulage industry made the most of the technology already at our disposal, as we were able to promote a safe working environment that could compensate for the absence of staff, whether this was through periods of self-isolation or furlough.

Without the use of technology to perform tasks that simply were not as efficient in a socially distanced warehouse, the output of the haulage industry could have been drastically decreased during this period. Especially when people needed us most, we were (and still are!) proud to service and deliver.

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Not only were we a crucial component of life in the midst of a pandemic, but we will continue to operate in a way in which we can exceed the demand placed upon us from post-pandemic life. If you would like to benefit from our services or enquire about what we do, we’d love to hear from you.

Our pallet delivery experts are well placed to answer any questions you may have, so you can make a well-informed decision on whether you want to work with us here at John K. Philips or not.

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