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When it comes to pallet delivery and palletised freight, John K. Philips use a straightforward pricing plan that breaks each pallet down into smaller spaces, meaning that you only pay for the pallet space that you are using.

In comparison to other pallet delivery services, which charge by the pallet, this allows us to provide considerably cheaper service to our customers, who don’t have to pay for the delivery of a full pallet of goods when only half or a quarter is required.

Our rates for pallet courier services are based on the number of pallets required for your shipment and are tailored to meet your needs. We can even provide bespoke pallet courier rates where necessary, making sure that you get the best possible price and service on your pallet delivery.

We understand that for many businesses, costs may be at a premium and something that you pay very close attention to. This is why we always ensure that the service we provide at John K. Phillips, including our pallet delivery service. If you are after one of the most value for money companies on the market, then look no further than us! We would never put out a service that we wouldn’t use ourselves, which is why you can be guaranteed that you will get the most satisfaction from working with us.

Our team are some of the most experienced and professional pallet deliverers in the business, who specialise in the field, so you can be assured you’re in safe hands! This, combined with our very competitive rates, means you needn’t look any further than John K. Phillips to deliver your pallets in a safe and timely manner. Our blend of care and efficiency allows us to get the job done in a way that allows for ultimate customer satisfaction.


John K. Philips can provide world-class pallet delivery services for any volume of freight, with a precise pricing system that ensures you only pay for the pallet space you need. Thanks to our cutting-edge logistical capabilities, route planning and efficient shipping methods, we are able to reduce both the time taken over the delivery and the overall cost, which translates to savings for our customers. The experts at John K. Philips are always seeking ways to improve our speed and service quality, making sure that we stay ahead of the competition and continue to provide industry-leading pallet transport.

Our experienced drivers are also trained in handling and hazardous materials transport, so if you need to transport pallets carrying chemicals or other hazardous materials, we can help. Our membership of the Hazchem Network helps provide our clients with peace of mind and assurance that their consignment is being looked after by the most qualified and trained specialists, no matter what it is.

In addition to all this, our consignment tracking service makes sure that you can track the location and stage of shipping that your parcel is at, from pick-up to delivery!


Our pallet distribution services allow pallets to be broken down into smaller subsections, so you aren’t charged for the empty pallet space left over when your consignment is packaged up for shipment. Our pallet sizing options include:

  • Quarter Pallet
  • Half Pallet
  • Full Pallet
  • Oversize Pallet

If you aren’t sure how much space you need, you can get in touch with the experts at John K. Philips by calling 01744 751000 or using our online contact form to send us a message – our head office staff have years of experience in coordinating pallet deliveries and will be able to provide any advice you need and answer any questions which you may have. They can also provide a quote if you need one, process an order or provide information on the status of your order, thanks to our innovative order tracking system. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you today!


If you’re looking for a reliable pallet delivery service, then you won’t find anywhere more knowledgeable about the industry than our team at John K Philips! Our St Helens transport depot offers a range of services from haulage and storage to track and trace and logistics – so whatever you need, we can help!

Why not give us a call on 01744 751000 or simply fill in our short contact form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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      In every aspect of our service, John K. Philips strives to provide an industry-leading performance, so whether you’re sending half a pallet of cargo or a dozen full pallets, we can help. Our expert drivers and handlers are fully trained to provide the fastest, smoothest and most reliable service in the business, and our logistics and planning experts have years of experience in finding the fastest, most direct routes for your freight, saving you time and money!

      John K Philips

      Consignment Tracking

      At John K. Philips, we use cutting-edge computer tracking systems and live electronic signature capture to track the exact location of your consignment, from pick-up to drop-off, so we always know what stage of the journey it’s at and whether your consignment is on-time, so we can make the appropriate adjustment to our logistics planning or notify you ahead of time of a potential delay.
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      John K. Philips Group can deliver consignments of all types and sizes. We transport both hazardous and non-hazardous materials, so every driver is ADR and CPC trained and each vehicle is fully insured. You can guarantee that, whatever you ask us to transport, we’ll get it there safely and in one piece – first time, on time, every time.

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      If you would like more information on the services provided by John K. Philips, or you would like to discuss our delivery options, order tracking or haulage options in more detail, you can contact a member of our head office staff by calling us on our telephone number, 01744 751000, or by sending us a direct message via our contact form, found on our Contact Page.

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      A pallet is a flat sturdy structure, typically constructed from wood, plastic, or metal, which can be used to safely transport and distribute a wide range of different items – from fresh produce and goods to heavy materials and industrial parts. Products are secured to the pallet using straps or shrink wrap and the entire pallet can then be lifted onto a truck using a forklift.

      Pallet transport is all about improving your delivery performance and reducing freight costs, whilst also driving your retained profitability. It’s about making your life easier and avoiding the complex challenges and disjointed transactions that usually come hand-in-hand with transportation and delivery of goods. The pallet distribution company will take care of the entire process, from pick-up to final delivery and, ultimately, it makes very smart business sense.


      Generally speaking, pallet distribution is a much more cost-effective method of delivery than individual shipment. But in order to maximise financial benefit, it’s important that you only pay for the pallet size that you actually need. Wooden pallets vary greatly in terms of size and the amount of space you require will depend on the type of goods you’d like to transport. When choosing a new pallet distribution company, be sure to read up on which pallet sizes they offer and decide whether they’re suitable for you and your business.

      The John K. Philips Group offers a full range of pallet sizes (including quarter, half, full, and oversized) and our transportation rates are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of clients. If your consignment doesn’t fill the minimum payload capacity, we also offer a part-load service, whereby your delivery is consolidated with others to create a full-load. This allows us to provide all customers with the same level service, but at a fraction of the cost, and it is an incredibly popular choice with small business owners who have a relatively small delivery load.


      All businesses need to keep up with the latest advances in technology and this is especially true in the distribution and logistics industry. The best pallet distribution companies are all underpinned by technology solutions that help to streamline and improve the pick-up and delivery process.

      Take for example the state-of-the-art “track and trace” computer system, currently used at the John K. Philips Group. This innovative piece of technology, along with modern signature-capture devices, allows us to follow the exact progress of your consignment from pick-up to delivery. We can keep you fully informed regarding the status of your consignment, offering information on its current location, the vehicle and driver involved, and it’s estimated arrival time. Such technology allows us to run the most efficient service possible and you can always rely on us to deliver your product to the specified deadline.


      If choosing a transportation logistics company for the first time, remember, excellent customer service is key. Ideally, you need to find a company that will offer advice and guidance from the outset. Somewhere that has a dedicated team of staff, who are easy to reach and happy to help.

      Here at the John K. Philips Group, our customer services are based at the company headquarters in St. Helens, where they work tirelessly to ensure you receive the best possible service. Whatever your business needs or distribution requirements, they will do everything they can to create a tailored solution for you. We offer a full range of services, including different-sized pallets and deliveries to the UK, Europe and beyond, and all of our drivers and vehicles are ADR compliant – meaning they can transport everything from fresh fruit to dangerous chemicals.

      The fact that everything is centralised helps us to provide a seamless, efficient service. We offer faster distribution times, reduced operating costs, and our customer service is second to none.


      When it comes to buying or renting pallets in the UK, there’s no doubt that things can quickly become confusing. What you’re storing or transporting, how heavy it weighs and where you’re sending it can all play a big part in the type of pallet you opt for – so it pays to be in the know from the start!

      Whilst there certainly is one ‘standard’ pallet size in the UK, it’s not all quite as simple or straight forward as that. Here at John K Philips, we have been specialising in pallet delivery and storage for over 40 years – so if you’re looking to hire pallets in the UK, stick around to find out everything you need to know!


      When it comes to buying or renting pallets in the UK, there’s no doubt that things can quickly become confusing. What you’re storing or transporting, how heavy it weighs and where you’re sending it can all play a big part in the type of pallet you opt for – so it pays to be in the know from the start!

      Whilst there certainly is one ‘standard’ pallet size in the UK, it’s not all quite as simple or straight forward as that. Here at John K Philips, we have been specialising in pallet delivery and storage for over 40 years – so if you’re looking to hire pallets in the UK, stick around to find out everything you need to know!


      When it comes to pallet delivery, perhaps the most important factor to consider is the haulage itself, as this can be the determining factor in the type of pallet you will require. It is for this reason that you’ll want to get familiar with the different kinds of standard UK pallet size.

      UK Standard Grade 1 (also referred to as Grade A)

      • Typically, capable of holding up to 1 tonne in weight
      • Identifiable by its big boards and narrow gaps
      • Sometimes referred to as a Perimeter Based Pallet

      UK Standard Grade 2 (also referred to as Grade B)

      • Typically, capable of holding up to 750kg in weight
      • Range of options available with this type of pallet, including perimeter based pallets which are best for racking, or non-perimeter based which don’t have any extra base boards.

      UK Standard Grade 3 (also referred to as Grade C)

      • Most commonly used for lightweight haulage typically managing anything between 200-500kg in weight
      • Typically have thin boards with more gaps in between

      This is a rough guide to the UK standard pallet sizes, but we always recommend you discuss your specific requirements with your supplier first before committing to any type of pallet.

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