What is a green warehouse and why should you use one?

What is a green warehouse and why should you use one? - John K Philips
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What is a green warehouse and why should you use one?

At the forefront of the sustainability movement for the warehousing industry is the concept of a green warehouse – a facility that implements a range of eco-friendly measures and processes to reduce its impact on the environment.

Ensuring operations are sustainable is a priority for many businesses, hoping to improve their green credentials to reduce waste and meet the expectations of consumers and stakeholders.

Getting items from A to B with minimal environmental impact is a challenge, but green warehouses aim to make this easier for everyone by shifting away from traditional practices towards better strategies with reduced energy consumption and waste generation.

After all, warehouses aren’t just a place to store goods – they’re operational hubs for inventory and distribution management, which should prioritise environmental responsibility.

As operators of a green warehouse in North West England, John K. Philips is here to explain everything you should know about green warehousing and how it could benefit you.

What does green warehousing involve?

One of the biggest efforts a facility can make to go greener is to increase the use of renewable energy sources, such as harnessing solar energy to generate electricity, encouraging the use of electric vehicles, and using energy-efficient LED lights.

The John K. Philips green warehouse has solar panels covering 85% of the roof area, which can generate an additional 700kVA of power per year, plus 20 charging points for EVs outside, and has LED lighting installed throughout the warehouse.

Cutting down on waste generation and managing the waste that is generated more responsibly is another major step, as recyclable materials should be used wherever possible and processed accordingly. Our warehouse diverts 100% of operational waste away from landfill.

Optimising the most efficient use of space and resources is just as important, as this helps to keep costs down and reduce waste. Technological integration is essential for accurate inventory management, which we implement with barcode, pick-and-pack, and trackable delivery systems.

Transportation is where carbon emissions can be highest, so choosing a strategic location for storage is essential in reducing transportation distances. That’s why our green warehouse in Warrington is optimal, with major roads, airports, sea ports, and train stations close by.

What are the advantages of green warehouses?

There are many benefits to going green for warehouse operators and the businesses that use them – not least the reduction of their carbon footprint. When everything is done purposefully to optimise inventory and distribution, this automatically reduces waste.

Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s also better for budgets, too – with more efficient operations and less waste often resulting in reduced operational costs and increased profit margins.

Creating a healthier work environment with green initiatives can boost employee satisfaction and motivate them to be more productive, which also helps to improve efficiency and lower costs.

Eco-friendly operations and a happy workforce can also do wonders for a company’s corporate image, as clients, suppliers, and consumers alike expect sustainable measures from market leaders.

This positive brand reputation can encourage others to follow in your footsteps, improving sustainability initiatives throughout the logistics chain and even influencing other industries.

Green warehouses like ours can offer all of this and more to a range of businesses.

Choose our green warehouse for sustainable storage

As you can see, green warehousing isn’t just necessary to preserve our environment, but can also provide reputational and financial advantages for businesses that use it.

This is the future of warehousing, so if your business wants to thrive with environmentally friendly storage and logistics solutions, then our green warehouse in Warrington could be just what you need to join the sustainable warehousing movement.

We have green certification with an A+ EPC and Excellent BREEAM rating to confirm our commitment to energy efficiency, so why not come to John K. Philips for green solutions?

To find out more about our zero emissions building and how we can help your company reach new levels of eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, get in touch with our team.

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