What happens in the pallet delivery process?

What happens in the pallet delivery process? - John K Philips
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What happens in the pallet delivery process?

Here at John K. Phillips, we are proud of our pallet delivery service. Not only is this facet of our business one that is immensely popular with customers, but one that we have worked hard to perfect over our many years as a transport company. It is easy to see why it is such a hit with our clients and one that we often use as the driving force (pardon the pun) behind our operations.

Previously on the John K. Phillips website, we created a blog that focuses on how this service can affect your business for the better, so today we won’t go into too much detail about that. Instead, we thought we would tell you a little more about the process itself, so you can see exactly how your delivery gets from A to B when working with our talented team of head haulers.

Receiving your load

If you are looking to use our pallet delivery service, then good choice! You’re in safe hands. Get in touch with us to discuss the size of your delivery and we will give you an affordable, competitive price. We use pallet delivery to keep our rates flexible, so you only pay for space you take up.

As soon as you notify us of the delivery amount, we will then make space on our freight vehicles for your delivery and will pick it up from the relevant facilities at a time that suits you. You can be assured that our trained team will handle your delivery in a safe and secure manner at all times, giving you constant peace of mind that it will arrive at its final destination in premium condition.

In transit

Throughout its journey, we give you the ability to track your delivery at all times. We understand that it is natural to be curious about where it may be up to, or to start to have doubts about the speed of its travel! This is why we offer a transparent service which is a key reason as to why many of our customers have worked with us on numerous occasions.

When your delivery is in transit, just get in touch with our pallet courier and we will gladly give you an exact update as to where your order is. We use top of the range, modern GPS equipment to quickly notify you of any updates, giving you a map of the route if you so wish.

Upon delivery

Towards the end of the journey, you will receive an update giving a more exact time as to when your delivery will be dropped off, so you have the chance to take the next steps in your business operations with as much notice as possible. You will be amazed as to how quickly we can deliver your load, without ever compromising on quality! Our skilled drivers are savvy to all the most efficient routes, whilst being regularly examined on their driving ability to ensure the safety of the valuable freight they are responsible for.

You will be notified when your delivery has been made, and we’re sure you will be quickly planning your next! The team at John K. Phillips strive for unrivalled ability in not only delivery but in communication, so whenever you need us, you know we’ll be there to provide you with the answers you need.

Get in touch today

Would you like to talk to a member of our team today? Perhaps you’re interested in using us for a pallet delivery in the UK and would like to find out more? Our experienced team will gladly be on the other end of the phone when you’re ready, just give us a call on 01744 751 000 or you can contact us by filling out our online form. We will look to respond as soon as we can, so you can quickly receive the information you are looking for.

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