5 Advantages of Warehousing and Storage

5 Advantages of Warehousing and Storage - John K Philips
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5 Advantages of Warehousing and Storage

To the every day person, it may seem like just a place to store your goods, but we know that warehousing is a lot more important than that. It is a vital component of a company’s logistics, especially now there is more pressure than ever on business owners to enhance their productivity levels and lower overhead costs. But let’s face it, managing your own warehousing, although rewarding, can prove to be a bit of a challenge! Stock can take up quite a lot of valuable space which can often be used for something more productive and profitable. Thanks to seasonal variations and staffing issues, storing, and distributing your own products can quickly become a logistical nightmare.

In this blog post, we here at John K. Phillips will outline 5 benefits of warehousing and explore the ways in which we can assist you In revolutionising your business, getting your logistics in order in the process.

No. 1: Opportunity for Expansion

Imagine if you weren’t restricted by the size of your own premises or manufacturing facility and how much more freedom that would give you? You could buy larger quantities of a product and produce a much greater volume of goods, without ever having to worry about where it is going to be stored. Space currently used for storage can be put to better use, you can develop a product or improve processing. You can be rest assured that you will always have the supply to meet the demand of your customers.

Warehousing is a fantastic way of expanding your business to a never before seen level, and, here at the John J. Phillips Group, we can help you achieve it. Our versatile warehouse covers a massive 250,000 sq. ft, with both racked and bulk storage options available. We guarantee that there is enough space for everyone, so don’t feel like there is a requirement too big for our team of experts. Outsource your storage needs to us to experience the advantages of warehouse stores first hand and stock up on goods and product until your heart is content!

No. 2: Central Location

Warehousing allows you to keep all stock in one central location, somewhere that is convenient for both you and your customers. This in itself has many advantages. You can receive new orders, store goods and later distributer them from the same base, thus making the process much more systematic and organised. One thing that appeals to both staff and customers alike is organisation, which in a business can never be a bad thing.

Based in Warrington, the John K. Phillips Group warehouse is in a very enviable location. It is close to several busy motorways – including the M6, M62 and M56 – and it is also within easy reach of all major North West ports and airports. Sounds like the perfect place to us!

No.3: Reducing the Risk

By storing your products using a professional warehousing service, you significantly minimise the risk of theft or damage. Warehouses usually have excellent security procedures in place and buildings are often designed in such a way that products are unlikely to get damaged. In a way, you’re handing a risk over to them. If something was to go wrong, the warehousing company is liable. They would make the insurance claim and they would pay the compensation – not you!

No. 4: A Helping Hand

It seems contradictory, the thought that outsourcing (i.e. paying someone else to do the job for you) could save you money! Hear us out, but when it comes to warehousing, it’s true. Storing your goods at the John K. Phillips Group warehouse, for example, has a number of economic benefits. Instead of shipping items individually, we consolidate deliveries – which means you get to share outbound transport costs with others who are also transporting goods to a similar destination, saving you money.

We also offer a very popular bonded warehouse service. With this type of warehousing, HMRC expenses – such as VAT and duty – only need to be paid when your goods are shipped for delivery. Therefore it is a brilliant way to manage and improve the cash flow of your business. Our dedicated team of staff take care of all the paperwork, notifying HMRC when any of your stock leaves the bonded warehouse and you can easily keep track of payments using our fully-automated system.

No. 5: Logistical Support

Warehouses are no longer just a place to store goods. In fact, most professional warehousing companies – including the John K. Phillips Group – offer a range of services to help with your business’ logistic processes. These services essentially allow you to sit back and relaxing, concreting on the matters that are of most importance to you and your business development.

Take, for example, the computerised bar-coding system here at John K. Phillips. Goods that arrive at the warehouse are entered into the system and allocated a barcode, which then enables you to trace each item, identify its location and access important information such as batch production details. We also offer a comprehensive “pick, match and dispatch” service, thus significantly streamlining the warehousing and distribution process and reducing your costs. Thanks to our cutting-edge automated system, you will always stay informed from initial import to final delivery – you just don’t need to physically do anything yourself.

Contact John K. Philips for all Your Warehousing Needs

Warehousing is incredibly important for both the logistics and overall productivity of your business, and here we have outlined the importance of a warehouse in business. If you have any further questions or you would like to find out more from us, then get in touch with he John K. Phillips Group today on 01744 751000, or drop us a message using the online contact form. One of our dedicated members of staff will be more than happy to help, offering further information and guidance on how our professional warehousing services could benefit you.

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