Why use a Pick and Pack Service

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Why use a Pick and Pack Service

Is your company spending copious amounts of time and labour fulfilling your customers orders? Mistakes like incorrect shipping address labels could be costing your company money and reputation value. If this is a problem for you, hiring a specialised pick and pack services company may be the best option.

Making the decision to employ a pick and pack service is a simple one yet selecting your specialist pick and pack fulfillment service that suits your business can pose difficulty.

What is Pick and Pack Fulfilment?

Pick and pack services is the process of picking a sold product, packing the product before affixing a shipping label and invoice to the product. Essentially, it’s the process you take once an item is sold and needs to be shipped to a customer. As a seller, you can either employ staff to do this or employ a pick and pack services company to do it for you.

Why use a Pick and Pack Service?

An efficient pick and pack process isn’t an easy procedure to carry out. All your products must be on-hand, organised and tracked to ensure a streamlined pick and packing service. By achieving this you will be able to ship and track what your customers have bought and received.

Products need to be packed professionally for the delivery to your customers. This requires knowledge of box sizes and required packing material to be at the highest standard.

Shipping labels need to be created and fixed to the correct packages, companies that don’t have a proper system in place often come across problems. Pick and pack services like John K Phillips incorporate procedures that validate if customers have received the correct order.

In order to achieve a sound process like that carried out by pick and pack services, a company will need space and staff to validate competently. When your business is on the receiving end of hundreds of orders, pick and pack fulfillment can become a beneficial service.

Due to the time needed to pick and pack properly, companies opting to carry out the service themselves often make mistakes. These mistakes can harm your reputation and cause customers to take their business elsewhere!

Using a specialist pick and pack company like John K Phillips will take care of all these problems for you, so you can concentrate on other branches of your business. All you need to do is give your inventory to John K Phillips and we will pick, pack and ship your customers package once the sale is made.

Benefits of Pick and Pack Services

  • You’ll be able to handle more business! Your ability to concentrate on sales and our ability to handle more orders will give your business the capability to grow.
  • Opting for a pick and pack services will make the shipping process quicker, therefore your customers will receive their order sooner and be happier with the service.
  • The new time you will have available to you will free up time so you can complete administrative tasks.
  • Pick and Pack fulfillment like John K Phillips are specialists in the service so costly shipping mistakes will be avoided!


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