Parcel Delivery Procedures for Hazardous Goods

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Parcel Delivery Procedures for Hazardous Goods

Almost all businesses need to send a parcel to a client or customer at some point and, due to advances in technology, parcel delivery and courier services have significantly improved over the last few years. It’s now easier than ever to get your package to where it needs to be and, more often than not, they arrive on time and without any complications. But what happens if you need to transport hazardous goods and potentially dangerous materials? This type of transportation comes with numerous strict regulations and heavily policed rules and, suddenly, things aren’t so simple…

Unless, of course, you use a professional parcel delivery service, such as that offered by the John K. Philips Group! We have over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we are a trusted member of the Hazchem Network and – when it comes to moving hazardous goods – we certainly know our stuff!

Delivery of Hazardous Goods: What are the Rules?

Transportation and parcel delivery of hazardous goods is governed by international regulations. Most countries adhere to the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). First adopted in 1957, this agreement lays down a number of rules and provisions that must be followed at all times and here we outline each in detail:

No. 1: Hazardous Goods Must be Classified, Packaged and Labelled Correctly

All dangerous goods are given a class, dependent upon the particular hazard it poses. For example, they can be explosive or flammable, oxidising or toxic, corrosive or radioactive. Before a hazardous material can be transported using a parcel delivery service, it needs to be classified correctly. This classification should then be documented in a certain way and carried alongside the parcel, thus ensuring that everyone in the delivery process understands exactly what the hazard is.

No. 2: The Vehicle Should be ADR Compliant

In order to carry hazardous materials by road and through different countries, it is essential that your vehicle is fully ADR compliant. It should meet standard safety regulations with respect to brakes, lighting and steering and, in some instances, it may also be expected to undergo a technical inspection. Here in the UK, vehicles can be inspected by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the approval certificates that are issued are valid for a maximum of one year.

No. 3: Drivers Need to be ADR Trained

If transporting dangerous goods, a parcel delivery driver must hold a special vocational certificate of training – informally known as the “ADR Certificate”. This basic training course ensures that each driver is aware of the hazards involved. It also equips drivers with the knowledge and tools needed to maximise their personal safety, reduce the likelihood of an incident, and deal with an incident if it was to occur.

Professional Parcel Delivery is the Way Forward

There’s no denying, the successful transportation of hazardous materials can be complicated, and the strict rules and regulations may seem like a bit of a hassle in your busy schedule; but, trust us, they are of paramount importance and they must be adhered to. Of course, they ensure the safety of everyone involved in the delivery process – including the general public – and they allow the transportation of dangerous and hazardous materials freely across international borders.

If your business needs to make a delivery of hazardous goods, why not outsource the job to a professional parcel delivery service – such as that provided here at the John K. Philips Group. You can guarantee, whatever you ask us to transport (whether it be a flammable liquid or a radioactive substance or something else) we will get it there safely and on time. We have a fleet of 1.2-tonne capacity vans that are fully insured, ADR compliant and equipped to transport dangerous goods, and all of our drivers are ADR trained – with considerable experience and knowledge in this area.

The John K. Philips Group is a valued member of the Hazchem Network – the only pallet distribution and parcel delivery network dedicated to hazardous materials. We can transport your parcel anywhere in the UK, usually within 24 hours, and we also offer a reliable European and International delivery service. Since our establishment in 1974, we have become one of the biggest parcel delivery companies in the North West of England and we have become known for our speedy, secure and specialised services – including, the successful transportation of hazardous goods.

Contact the John K. Philips Group for Specialist Help

Rules are made to follow and, when it comes to the safe transportation of hazardous materials, this is especially true. If you need to send dangerous goods, don’t take any risks and get in touch with the John K. Philips Group today. Call us on 01744 75100 or drop us a message using the online contact form. For many years we have specialised in fields such as pallet delivery, and will be happy to take your enquiries on any matter you have.

Our customer service staff are always happy to help, and they can provide further advice and information on the specialist parcel delivery services that we offer.

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