Everything you need to know about bonded storage

Everything you need to know about bonded storage - John K Philips
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Everything you need to know about bonded storage

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective storage facility for your products? Here at John K Philips, we offer a highly-efficient bonded storage service in our North West-based bonded warehouses.

What is bonded storage?

Bonded storage is a service that involves storing your goods in a bonded warehouse, where your products will be classified as duty-free. This ensures that any imported products to the UK avoid duty and VAT charges whilst they are in storage, as technically they do not enter the UK market.

How can you benefit from bonded warehousing?

Whether you have a large organisation or a small business, there are a number of advantages you can gain from storing your goods in a customs bonded warehouse, including:


One of the main benefits of storing your goods in a customs warehouse is the lack of tax you have to pay. You will only have to pay export fees, unlike other storage facilities, which also require import payments. This is especially beneficial if you’re planning to store your products for a long period of time, as costs will only be incurred once your goods have reached their destination.

Our bonded warehouses will save you a significant amount of money, which can instead be invested in other parts of your business, such as product investment, technology upgrades and more.


We understand that many businesses will have only just entered international markets, which means you may be inexperienced at dealing with HMRC’s regulations in relation to import and export costs. Not to worry – that is what we’re here for!

You can rest assured knowing that all our HMRC-approved bonded warehouses are staffed by our expert employees, who have extensive experience dealing with HMRC paperwork. They will also ensure that all your consignments are checked in and accounted for on arrival and departure from our customs warehouse.  

Customer satisfaction

Here at John K Philips, we understand the importance of keeping your customers happy – which is why we offer real-time tracking technology, allowing us to trace your bonded storage before, during and after it is warehoused. This includes monitoring stock balances and locating the whereabouts of your products in the warehouse – offering guaranteed delivery to your customers.

To make sure your products are stored and delivered from our customs warehouses in perfect condition, we offer a variety of services – from pallet wrapping to container loading and unloading to re-packing and more. We have also invested in our 250, 000 square foot bonded warehouse in Warrington, where you can safely store all your products destined for your customers.

Contact John K Philips for efficient bonded storage

If you’re looking for a secure and profitable storage service, then John K Philips can help you by providing you with our bonded warehouse facilities.

If you would like to find out more about bonded storage or our transport and distribution services, you can get in touch today by calling us on 01744 751000. You can also fill in our online contact form and we will deal with your bonded warehouse query as soon as possible.

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