Top 4 Benefits of a barcode inventory system

Top 4 Benefits of a barcode inventory system - John K Philips
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Top 4 Benefits of a barcode inventory system

A barcode inventory system is a computerised tracking facility, perfect for keeping tabs on incoming and outgoing stock or shipments and enabling an increase in business efficiency and growth.

At John K. Philips, we operate our warehouse inventory through our technologically advanced bar-coding facility, which monitors inward and outward goods, stock balances, production details, and product location within our first-rate warehouses. All these services offer a variety of benefits including:

1. Improved productivity

One of the most beneficial components of our bar-coding facility is that it increases production, as there is no need for manual input. This enables our staff to focus on additional tasks, such as delivery paperwork, pallet wrapping, loading and unloading, which are all conducted in our specialist storage warehouses.

Our bar-coding technology also enables our expert team to focus on meeting customer needs, by securing their stock before it is prepared for delivery and allowing it to be tracked by our track and trace technology.

 2. Error reduction

We utilise our bar-coding system in order to avoid data entry errors that usually occur when manually inputting data, resulting in one mistake per 300 keystrokes. By contrast, automated data input reduces this to one error within one million keystrokes.

Error reduction enables our teams to monitor stock management more efficiently to ensure that all our clients’ products are accounted for, which offers them complete assurance that their stock is safe and secure.

3. Time-saving

Our bar-coding inventory system is the perfect time-saving tool, as it reduces the amount of time on administration tasks, such as manual input – which is replaced with automatic input.

This system is also ideal for tracking the location of stock within the warehouse, which allows staff to easily trace the products and prepare them for shipment, making sure they are always delivered at the specified time.

 4. Cost-efficiency

Our stock management software provides clients with a cost-efficient service, as our bar-coding facility is extremely reliable – consistently monitoring all goods. This ensures that all your stock is accounted for and significantly reduces replacement costs.

Our system also tracks production details, such as best before dates, which means your products will never be wasted. Our staff will ensure that they are shipped out before the end date, which is extremely cost-efficient.


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At John K. Philips, we have extensive experience in the logistics industry, which has given us the knowledge and skills to offer our first-rate storage and distribution solutions.

Our reputable organisation has continued to expand with the introduction of new technologies, such as our barcoding facility, which enables us to provide our clients with the best possible storage solutions.

For further information regarding our premier barcoding system, please contact us by calling 01744 751 000.

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