Top 3 benefits of a full truckload service

Top 3 benefits of a full truckload service - John K Philips
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Top 3 benefits of a full truckload service

At John K Philips, we offer our clients a first-rate full load service, which is an extremely efficient solution for any business looking to deliver large shipments across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

A full truckload service is an efficient bulk delivery method, which allows multiple orders to be delivered in one shipment, due to the vehicle’s capacity to carry a vast amount of goods.  This helps to reduce costs, risk and provides faster shipment for our clients.

In this blog, we will discuss the top three advantages in order to establish how your business can benefit from our full load service.

Top 3 benefits of our full load service


Our full load service offers your business a cost-effective solution for all your bulk haulage needs, as only one shipment is being made, whereas other transportation methods may require several consignment loads.

The typical capacity for a full truckload is 24 pallets or 42,500 pounds in weight, which enables efficient value for your money, due to the extensive amount of hold space that can be distributed in one shipment.

At John K Philips, we calculate our extremely affordable prices by taking into consideration the type of shipment, location and delivery date in order to offer you a cost-effective shipment plan that caters to your preferences.

Reduced risk

You should consider choosing our full truckload service if your cargo is high-risk and must be distributed with great care. Our full load haulage does not involve any transportation swaps, which prevents any damage to your consignment during handling. Our drivers are also expertly trained and will ensure that your shipment is kept safe and delivered to your specified destination in pristine condition.

As part of our full load solutions, we use our advanced bar-coding facility, which enables real-time tracking on your shipment at all times, to ensure that it is monitored in a safe and secure manner. Your consignment will be tracked from the moment it leaves the loading location until it reaches its final destination.

Faster shipment

Our full load facilities are ideal for any goods that must be shipped within a tight deadline, as all our fully-loaded vehicles are assigned to specific routes, to ensure that all consignments are delivered in accordance with the specified time given.

This is in comparison to other freight solutions, which usually involve the distribution of various goods to an array of locations – resulting in delivery delays, which prevent goods from reaching your intended destination on time.


Contact John K Philips

At John K Philips, we pride ourselves on our fast and reliable transportation services, which aim to enhance your business’ productivity by ensuring all shipments are made on time and arrive in flawless condition.

Only premier haulage vehicles are utilised to ensure that shipments are always delivered in a secure and efficient manner.

Our full load haulage service is extremely fast and efficient, as we offer same day and next-day time delivery to the UK, delivery within 23 hours to Benelux countries, and can reach Europe within 48 to 72 hours.

To find out more about our full load transportation service get in touch with us today or call us on 01744 751000.

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