How haulage companies tackle the Christmas demand

How haulage companies tackle the Christmas demand - John K Philips
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How haulage companies tackle the Christmas demand

In many fields, Christmas is not only the most wonderful time of the year, but also the busiest! Unless you specialise in swimsuits and sunglasses, it is likely that your demand will be heightened during the December period, so it is important to keep organised and efficient in your service at all times.

This is especially true in haulage, where many companies are placed under more strain than usual, with a 20% increase in online sales and shipping in the month of December. Whatever your freight may be, if you run a high quality pallet delivery service or deliver Christmas gifts to homes (just like the big man himself), sticking to some basic principles will help you to deal with the increase in traffic.

Excellent Organisation

This busy time of year can quickly get out of hand if each job isn’t planned properly, from start to finish. That’s why, here at John K. Phillips, we organise our time to ensure that we can perform each delivery that we schedule to the best of our ability.

As a result of this, we can handle the surge in activity for our fleet by not taking on too much work at once. We come well prepared for this hectic time, and our excellent team of staff are able to distribute a rising number of jobs so that no driver feels like they have too much on their plate (or dashboard!). This effective level of communication throughout all departments of our company helps present a gold standard, professional service at all times.


Here at John K. Phillips, our aim is always to assist as many customers as possible during this period. All of our work is centred around work efficiency, so can perform to the same high standards but quicker, and in some cases better, as we always strive to improve.

We double, and even triple check all of our vehicles before departure and at the various stops they make during their journey. We fit as much freight as possible inside to maximise efficiency. However, we always prioritise the safety and security of all of our freight, providing the perfect blend between quality and quantity at all times.

Never compromise in quality

During a busy period such as this, it’s often thought that it would be easier to try and accomplish as much as possible – even if this does mean that the overall quality sees a decline.

This is something that is unheard of at some of the best haulage companies, including John K. Phillips. We never set a job that won’t be completed to the highest possible standards. If there is any risk that freight could be damaged due to neglect or misuse, we won’t send it out.

As a result, we have garnered a fantastic reputation over our many years of service, and our fleet of expert workers and drivers are the very best in their field. You can rest assured that even during chaotic times, you can trust the team at John K. Phillips with your freight.

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