Qualities to look for in an expert haulage company

Qualities to look for in an expert haulage company - John K Philips
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Qualities to look for in an expert haulage company

Many haulage companies are in a very privileged position. Clients place a lot of responsibility on them to ensure that their load gets from A to B in a way that is safe, quick and efficient. Often freight can be in huge volumes and can cost a pretty penny! This is why all haulage companies should strive for the best possible service at all times, to keep our customers happy, and to allow their workflow to continue as seamlessly as possible.

One costly mistake from your haulage company could mean that more people are put at a disadvantage than you might think. With this in mind, we thought we would bring you some of our most valued qualities in an expert haulage company…


Driving your load from one place to another may sound like all that we do at haulage companies around the world, including John K. Phillips, but this is in fact far from the truth. There are many intricacies that go on behind the scenes to ensure that our service is done correctly, and we can keep our customer satisfaction at an all-time high.

We feel that you will benefit greatly by trusting an experienced haulage company that knows all the tricks of the trade and treats your delivery with the care and attention it deserves. By only employing the best drivers and staff with ability and experience in abundance, we are able to provide a service that you can be happy with every time, hence why we have so many loyal customers!

Customer Service

If you have a bad experience with a haulage company, it is highly unlikely that you are going to trust them with your load again, we know that. After all, there could be some very expensive or valuable items that you don’t want to run the risk of getting damaged and not reaching their destination.

This is why we strive to be as reasonable, friendly and transparent with our customers first and foremost, so you know exactly what kind of service you are getting from us, and you can then figure out if we are the right pallet delivery service or haulage company for you. If you have any enquiries about the service we provide, then be sure to contact us using the required methods at the end of this post, and we will be glad to help you.


As with anything, you should look to be efficient in what you do, and this is no different with John K. Phillips, especially with the number of customers we have that rely on us! Our reputation is fuelled by how quickly and safely we are able to transport your load to its destination, whether this be through our part load delivery service or otherwise.

You can be assured that we will always do the job in a way that benefits you as a customer and us as a business, so we can continue to make many clients satisfied with our work, just like we have been doing for the last 40+ years.


In our field of work, it is also crucial to be accurate in everything we do. From organising the products in our vehicles to ensure their safety to planning out the best way to get to a destination, traffic depending, we make sure that we do everything to the letter here at John K. Phillips. We have always prided ourselves on running a service that leaves very little room for error, to give our customers the assurance that they are going to receive a top class service every time.

The high standards that we set as a top-rated pallet courier have put us in the position we’re in today, and we don’t intend on letting them drop any time soon!

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So do you feel like you could benefit from the services of an expert haulage company? If so, the team here at John K. Phillips would be happy to help! To contact us today, give us a call on 01744 751000 and we can be of assistance, or fill out our online enquiry form if this is easier for you.

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