Keeping safe on the road during long distance haulage journeys

Keeping Safe During Long Distance Haulage Journeys - John K Philips
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Keeping safe on the road during long distance haulage journeys

Long-distance journeys can be exciting if you have the company of your family and you’re off on holiday. But, if you are an HGV driver, you very rarely get the luxury of companionship, and you can often be driving across the continent for long stints, alone.

As a result, it is important you keep your safety in check and take the necessary precautions to prevent losing concentration and, potentially, putting the safety of yourself and other road users at risk.

With this in mind, let’s discuss how you can best keep alert behind the wheel…

Rest up if needed

Rest is an essential way of keeping you alert and prepared for any unexpected dangers that could come your way. This is especially the case if you have spent a long day behind the wheel.

Luckily, there are easily accessible ways of resting without putting yourself or anyone else in danger, with many designated HGV stops and service stations available so you can pull in and get a break before setting off once more. Be sure to use these to your advantage and plan ahead so you can get the rest you need (and deserve!) whilst still making it to your destination in plenty of time.

Consider your surroundings

On the road, you never know what kind of drivers you are going to encounter! Unfortunately, it is likely that you may come across one or two dangerous drivers during your journey. Especially in a vehicle as large as yours, you need to use your mirrors regularly, to make sure there is ample room for you to turn or change lane if necessary.

Early indication is also a good way of preparing the vehicles around you, giving them plenty of warning that you’re about to turn, so they are not caught up in your blind spot.

Stay alert at night

Nighttime is undoubtedly the most dangerous time to be on the roads, especially in an HGV. As a result, you should look to remain alert during this period, even if the roads are less populated than during the day.

With darkness flooding your driving area, you will naturally become tired. It is important to combat this –  try a caffeinated drink, open a window or a stop for a quick walk around if you feel like you’re feeling less and less awake. It’s better to be safe than sorry during a pallet delivery service!

Evaluate your drop off/pick up point

If you are travelling a long way as a pallet courier, it is likely that you will be unfamiliar with your end destination. It could be somewhere that isn’t particularly ideal for an HGV, so we recommend you step out of your vehicle and evaluate the surrounding area just before you get too close.

This is so you know exactly how you are going to enter and exit the facility and if there are any tight turning spots that you should be aware of. It may take a little longer but making these checks will help you avoid any potentially stressful or dangerous encounters!

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Here at John K. Phillips, we employ the most highly skilled drivers to perform our pallet delivery in the UK and beyond. Each keeps these factors, plus many more, in mind every time they hit the road as their safety – and that of your stock – is paramount to us at JKP.

If you feel like we could help you, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today. Give our Warrington based office a call on 01744 751000 or fill out our online enquiry form with any questions you have. We will be more than happy to help!

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