How John K. Phillips has kept transport safe during COVID-19

How John K. Phillips has kept transport safe during COVID-19 - JKP
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How John K. Phillips has kept transport safe during COVID-19

As we start to return to a “new normal” after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies, including John K. Phillips, are now introducing hygiene practices that are here to stay. This is no different in the field of transportation and haulage, which has been tasked with “business as usual” whilst many other companies have come to a standstill. And, due to the sheer nature of the job being centred around transport and communication with others, we’ve had to change the way in which we do things to ensure the safety of both our drivers, and our customers.

Slight adjustments to our daily work have ensured that we can continue providing logistics solutions to the usual high standards, whilst adapting to the ever-changing times that we are living in.

Keep a safe distance at all times

Whilst many people have been told to stay at home when possible, the drivers at John K. Phillips have still been travelling up and down the country, delivering as normal. However, one of the main things that our fleet of drivers have had to think about is the distance they maintain whilst communicating with others.

Our drivers have been instructed to drive individually when possible, to avoid coming into contact with anyone when it is unnecessary to do so. We have asked our drivers to adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times – including when speaking to customers and during their journey if they have to stop at the services or petrol station. This means we can continue our jobs as normal, providing our customers with the service they need.

Cleaning cabs before handover

Over the last few months, we have all been asked to deep clean and keep on top of the cleanliness of surfaces, and this is no different with John K. Phillips. Our vehicles are home to a number of drivers, so we ask them to deep clean their cab when possible before handing over to another driver at the end of their shift.

They are expected to thoroughly clean seats, windows, dashboards, and steering wheels – not to mention door handles, gear sticks and dials or buttons. You can never be too cautious in the current climate, which is something we take on board, as we attempt to keep our drivers as safe as possible.

Use PPE where you can

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is something which has spiked in necessity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and for good reason. It dramatically reduces the spread of bacteria from person to person, and it’s importance can never be understated. As a result, we ask all of our drivers to wear PPE (i.e. face masks, disposable gloves etc) when possible, keeping both them and our customers protected at all times. This allows our drivers to safely communicate with the relevant people as normal, without any disruption to the top quality service we provide.

Plan your journey

We also ask our drivers to place more emphasis than ever on planning their journey before they set off, to avoid any unnecessary hold-ups, whether this be petrol stops or toilet breaks. This avoids potential contact with surfaces and people which could spread bacteria and should ensure that your pallet delivery – or any other logistics you trust us with – is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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