The do’s and dont’s of pallet delivery

The do’s and dont's of pallet delivery - John K Philips
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The do’s and dont’s of pallet delivery

If you’re new to the world of distribution, then you could be forgiven for thinking that pallet delivery is an optional extra. However, you may be surprised to know that pallet delivery services, like the ones we offer here at John K Philips, are actually the bread and butter of goods distribution all over the world.

If you’re a company or business owner that deals with importing, exporting or simply the delivering of goods, you are almost guaranteed to require palletised delivery at some point. But, without proper knowledge and understanding of these services, you could be unknowingly doing your business, and customers, a disservice.

As leading pallet delivery specialists in Warrington, we’re well placed to advise you on the common mistakes and misconceptions people make about the pallet industry. That’s why today we’re sharing with you some of the most important do’s and don’ts of pallet delivery services.

Why pallet delivery is essential for the economy

Opting to use a pallet courier is not only smart for your bottom line, offering one of the most low-cost ways of distributing goods – but it can also ensure products are delivered safely and securely to their final destination.

Although once considered the primary solution for business to business shipments, pallet delivery services are now frequently seen in all kinds of distributions, including directly to the customer. This shift, whilst certainly somewhat influenced by the affordability factor, can also be attributed to some loads being too large to be delivered as ‘standard’ parcels. Thus, pallet delivery has become more and more vital for our economy as a whole.

Does your business rely on palletised shipment?

You may have been reaping the benefits of palletised delivery for many years, in which case you’re likely already familiar with many of today’s tips. However, if you’re still relatively new to the distribution world or have not yet gotten to grips with the best practice way of managing pallet delivery, then stick around.

1.      Is your pallet delivery service collaborative?

Much like other parcel operators, the pallet delivery company you choose should be collaborative in their approach to offer flexibility and tailored solutions no matter where you are based, or where your consignment is going. At John K Philips, we’re proud of our extensive transport network, offering customers a faster and more efficient service.

Not only are we proud members of Palletforce, but we also hold long-established partnerships with companies like Asia Freight, enabling us to offer unbeatable delivery times at exceptionally low prices.

If you’re unsure how collaborative your independent pallet delivery service is, be sure to find out before making any decisions!

2.      Do you require international delivery?

Depending on the size and nature of your business, you may need goods to be distributed internationally. If this is the case, then you want to feel confident that the pallet delivery service you’re using not only offers this as an option but can also demonstrate strong logistical skills for your peace of mind.

Here at John K Philips, we don’t just specialise in pallet delivery. In fact, we’ve become renowned for our excellent integrated logistics solutions, ensuring that whether you’re distributing locally or internationally, you can be kept in the loop with exactly where your consignment is.

Ideal for businesses working with large loads, logistics are essential for orchestrating shipments and includes everything from the delivery itself to warehousing, orders and other transport networks that may be involved.

If you’re a business who handles large, complex palletised orders, in-house logistics will be something you can’t live without!

3.      How affordable is your pallet delivery service?

It seems palletised delivery has become popular because it’s so affordable, but this isn’t always the case with every pallet distribution network company. To ensure you are getting the very best deal for your money, it is always worth finding out what pricing structure a pallet delivery service follows.

It is often the case that you will be charged the price of a full pallet, regardless of how much room your consignment actually takes up. Here at John K Philips, we’re dedicated to offering competitively low prices, so we will only ever charge for the pallet space you require.

We base our rates for pallet delivery on the number of pallets needed for your shipment. For trickier consignments, we can even provide bespoke pallet delivery rates, so whatever your specific needs – we’re confident we can offer you the best prices.

Consider John K Philips for your pallet delivery

From competitive prices on pallet delivery services to bonded and custom warehouse facilities, the team at John K Philips can help streamline your business distribution. We have over 40 years’ industry knowledge and experience and benefit from some of the most talented in-house logistical team members who can offer you exceptional solutions to improve the overall management of all distributions you make.

So, if you’re interested in working with a reputable pallet delivery company in Warrington, or feel it’s time for a change, why not get in touch? Our team are on hand to offer guidance and support, every step of the way and can talk you through our pallets for sale.


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