Three ways the transport industry is becoming greener

Three ways the transport industry is becoming greener - John K Philips
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Three ways the transport industry is becoming greener

There’s no getting away from the fact that freight services are absolutely vital for our survival as a country. Not only imperative for the business world, the transport industry is just as crucial for people from all parts of the globe to share, communicate and thrive. But how is this vital service impacting the world we live in?

As we become more aware of the impact that the travel industry as a whole is having on the environment, you could be forgiven for assuming that transport companies such as ours at John K Philips are part of the problem. However, we’re dedicated to doing everything we can to protect the environment and have certain stringent rules in place to ensure our impact is as minimal as possible whilst being able to maintain the vital services we provide.

So, if you’re considering using a distribution company but are concerned about the impact it could be having, check out three ways we are working to lead the way in green transportation.

Track and trace technology

In the digital age we now live in, track and trace has become a crucial element in logistics to offer both customers and workers clarity and to help streamline their services. However, one way we at John K Philips use Track and Trace technology is to ensure our efficiency, allowing us to dramatically reduce unnecessary mileage out on the roads.

As a stand-alone feature, our track and trace technology allow customers to track their goods from the moment they leave, to the moment they arrive at their final destination. But, when combined with our technical in-house logistics team, we can guarantee that traffic, road works, accidents and all other potential roadblocks are avoided way in advance, where we can then let you know of our new route.

By using our technology in this way, we are able to plan routes as part of our pallet delivery service whilst avoiding any issues to ensure we are taking the most direct and efficient path.

Routine vehicle maintenance

This one may seem obvious, but the leading cause of accidents amongst truck transportation is down to a lack of vehicle maintenance. Here at John K Philips, we take our position incredibly seriously, and being part of the Hazchem Network means we have to be even more careful that each and every one of our fleet are up to scratch and safe.

In order to maintain our strong reputation as pallet delivery and logistics specialists, we ensure that all of our vehicles are thoroughly checked on a regular schedule, enabling to catch any potential issues before they occur.

Idle-free breaks

Depending on the journey ahead, our freight transportation drivers may find themselves needing to stop several times during a pallet delivery. This is necessary for the health and wellbeing of our drivers, but for many transportation companies it can lead to a crucial flaw in their attempts to be green.

Commonly referred to as “idling” many freight drivers will keep their engines running as they have a pitstop, but this can dramatically reduce fuel amounts, and is of course highly inefficient.

At John K Philips, all of our drivers oblige by a strict idle-free approach to breaks, ensuring that engines are turned off, saving us money and doing our bit to reduce the impact we are having on our environment.

Consider John K Philips for your eco-friendly transportation

If like us you’re a business who is passionate about the environment around us, then we encourage you to get in touch. Not only does our Warrington transport company we support local and global businesses, but we’re also constantly striving to do better – so work with us to improve the environment and help your business thrive at the same time!

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