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St Helens Bonded Warehouse

Many businesses import goods from outside of the UK and EU, either for further processing before they’re ready for sale or to sell directly – but when goods enter the UK market, taxes and duties become payable to HMRC, causing potential cash flow problems for importers.

That’s where John K. Philips comes in – with our bonded warehouse in St Helens, businesses don’t have to worry about these import fees upfront. This type of duty-free storage allows you to keep your stock safe and secure, totally trackable through our barcode system so you can keep your inventory updated whenever you move goods in or out.

You’ll only have to pay HMRC when your goods exit our St Helens bonded warehouse to circulate throughout the UK.


Bonded Warehousing in St Helens

When you’re able to move imported cargo directly into bonded storage in St Helens as soon as it arrives in the UK, the goods won’t be eligible for VAT and import duties until you dispatch them for delivery.

Fully authorised by HMRC, our bonded warehouse in St Helens is ideally located near major roads, ferry terminals, and international airports, so you can move goods into storage easily and ship them out just as efficiently when they’re ready for sale.

This proximity is key in reducing the risk of damage to your goods and keeping costs down, helping your business to save significantly in the long term. Of course, it also helps to reduce carbon emissions, too – good news for the planet and your company’s carbon footprint.

Our staff are highly trained in various aspects of handling incoming and outgoing imported stock, so you can relax knowing we can track the status of your consignments to the most recent minute.

If you need us to deal with the HMRC paperwork on your behalf, as well, we can easily do this for you at our St Helens bonded storage facility.


Bonded Storage with John K. Philips

If utilising international supply chains and taking advantage of exchange rates is integral to your business operations, you could definitely benefit from cost-effective bonded warehousing in St Helens to stay on top of tax liabilities for your imported goods.

Here at John K. Philips, we can provide a variety of integrated solutions to ensure your company gets the most out of our bonded warehouse in St Helens – not just handling the storage and admin, but also offering pick-and-pack services and road haulage distribution as needed.

Simply let us know which type and level of service you’re looking for and our team can offer you a tailored quote for bonded storage in St Helens. To enquire, call or email us and we will be happy to talk you through the extensive options available.

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