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Wigan Bonded Warehouse

John K Philips

Bonded Warehouse in Wigan

John K Philips has established an enviable reputation in Wigan, where we provide a variety of services. Our bonded warehouse is in a perfect location, just a stone’s throw away from Wigan town centre and within close proximity to major UK motorways – enabling quick and efficient transportation to and from the warehouse.


You can easily improve business efficiency by utilising our Wigan-based bonded warehouse. It is an ideal storage space for any business looking to import goods from outside of the EU, as you are not required to pay customs duties.

Our HMRC-approved bonded warehouse is also useful for any organisation that is operating within the EU and qualifies for common storage arrangements, which ultimately reduces expenditure.

At John K Philips, we ensure that your goods are entirely protected within our bonded warehouse. We use a state-of-the-art tracking system which enables effectual import and export procedures and offers you reassurance that the status of your goods is being constantly monitored.


The staff at our bonded warehouse work extremely hard to ensure your goods are protected, as well as making sure that all items are recorded through our cutting-edge barcode tracking system.

They also provide administrative support for your business by handling all documentation required by HMRC, and any additional paperwork that must be completed, in order to maintain storage and distribution compliance.

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If you would like more information on the services provided by John K. Philips, or you would like to discuss our delivery options, order tracking or haulage options in more detail, you can contact a member of our head office staff by calling us on our telephone number, 01744 751000, or by sending us a direct message via our contact form, found on our Contact Page.

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