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Liverpool Green Warehouse

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Green Warehouse in Liverpool

Liverpool Green Warehouse

Looking for a green warehouse in Liverpool to store goods in an eco-friendly way? At John K. Philips, we are proud to run a green warehouse in North West England that’s specially designed to help reduce the negative environmental impacts of the carbon-heavy transportation industry.

Implementing various technologies and management systems, from solar panels and digital inventory monitoring to shipment consolidation and delivery route optimisation, we have the sustainable and cost-effective solutions your business needs to grow with the changing times.

To learn more about how your operations could benefit from green storage in Liverpool, reach out to John K. Philips today, and discover a whole new world of green logistics to better your business and the planet.

Green Storage in Liverpool

Our green warehouse in the Liverpool area is located around 17 miles along the M62 in Westbrook, Warrington. When your goods arrive in the UK via the Port of Liverpool by sea freight or Liverpool John Lennon Airport by air freight, it’s easy to transport them to our green storage facility.

With A+ energy performance and BREEAM sustainable building certification, you can trust that we take improving eco-efficiency seriously at John K. Philips.

Not only can we provide environmentally friendly storage at competitive prices, but we can also assist with administration, getting your digital documentation up to date and providing real-time tracking of your inventory with us.

When you’re ready to distribute your goods, we optimise shipments and use the fastest routes along key transport links, so you can be confident in timely and low-emission Liverpool pallet delivery and Liverpool parcel delivery.

Green Warehousing with John K. Philips

When you need an energy-efficient warehouse in Liverpool, our brand new green storage facility is available right down the road in Warrington to fulfil your needs for sustainable Liverpool transport and distribution.

Not only can we store thousands of pallets in our zero-emissions warehouse, but you can also benefit from our advanced barcoding and pick-and-pack systems, and get sold stock on the road quickly with our Liverpool haulage services.

Thanks to our integrated green logistics solutions, businesses in the area and nationwide can improve their operations with Liverpool green warehousing.

To get started, submit your information through our contact form and the John K. Philips team will be back in touch with more details about what our sustainable services can do for you.

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If you would like more information on the services provided by John K. Philips, or you would like to discuss our delivery options, order tracking or haulage options in more detail, you can contact a member of our head office staff by calling us on our telephone number, 01744 751000, or by sending us a direct message via our contact form, found on our Contact Page.

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