The Warehouse Distribution Process

The Warehouse Distribution Process - John K Philips
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The Warehouse Distribution Process

Within this post we will be discussing the warehouse distribution process. This is a process that can change depending on each company, but the over all concept stays the same.

It begins with the collection; all items that the business wish to have and sell are picked up and received by the company. This enables them to be put up for sale by the company and eventually it will result in an income for the business.

When a customer places an order on a specific item or on several different ones, it is the business job to organise which products have been sold and need to be sent off. The items are eventually picked up. The next stage is for the purchases to be sent over to the packing process, which involves them being packed and labelled.

Moving on the item is then picked up and loaded onto the business own truck. Next is where technology comes in useful, a computer will track the location of the products and this enables tracking for the customer. Tracking is a new modern technique that has become extremely useful in our lifestyles nowadays. It enables the customer to locate the exact place of their order, they can see if it has been packed, picked up etc.

After being loaded onto the truck all items are scanned and moved, therefore everything will match, physically and virtually.

Within the UK, the royal mail is the leading delivery service therefore after being sent out from the business the item will be in the hands of the Royal mail who will take it directly to the customers’ address. This is how the customer will receive their products.

Often events /situations can occur that make this process a little more complex. For example, the customer may not be in at the time of delivery. If this happens and the item has to be signed for then the product will be sent back to the local post office. The customer will be posted a note, stating the situation and they will be asked to collect it themselves.

To conclude, the warehouse distribution process is simple yet very affective. It is important for every team member to complete their job correctly and within the right time frame. If this is not the case the cycle becomes disconnected and will result in a loss of business and income for all business involved.

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