New Appointments within John K Philips

New Appointments within John K Philips - John K Philips
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New Appointments within John K Philips

We are pleased to announce that John Hardman and Karen Barker have been appointed Operations and Assistant Operations Managers within the Company. These are challenging positions, but they have both proved, over the years, that they are capable of facing up to the challenges in the industry and we know they can take the Company another step forward.

John and Karen have over 25 years’ experience working for the John K Philips Group Limited between them and both have been integral in the development and growth of the Company in the recent years. They are very experienced in transport, freight, warehousing and logistic operations having worked with some well-known Companies prior to joining JKP. This wealth of knowledge has allowed them to bring new ideas into the business and to streamline the systems and procedures suitable for a professional transport and warehousing company in the 21st Century.

We congratulate them and wish them well for the future.

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